About Us

We believe in providing the
best for you

Sunrise Apothecary is developing and researching ways to improve what goes in a multivitamin and in what quantity.  Two of Sunrise’s products, Men’s and Women’s Advanced Multivitamin, were designed to help adults get the vitamins and minerals they need as they age and focus on joint health. We added the maximum amount of active ingredient in our capsules and tablets which gives customers a high quality product at a reasonable price.


Wondering when you take a multivitamin or a natural product what ingredients are present, in what quantity, and quality of the product you are buying?

At Sunrise Apothecary our main mission is three-fold.

Quality Assurance

Quality is ensured by careful product testing and sourcing of the raw materials. From start to finish, quality is important at Sunrise.


Our products have value as they include all the essential vitamins and minerals for good health.

Research and Development

 We are committed to listening to customers and developing vitamins and minerals that suit their needs and support their diet.